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Monkey Love (Happy Valentine’s Day!)

I love the emotion in this.

Zoo Day! (*Movie*)

What a fabulous day for the ZOO!  No crowds & perfect weather!

We were even lucky enough to take a ride on the “zoo balloon,” which rarely goes up due to wind restrictions.

(Shot in HD on my new Panasonic Lumix DHC-ZS7 Point & Shoot)

To the Zoo (After School) *Movie*

It’s GREAT to live so close to the ZOO!
(I like how the kids think the animals RECOGNIZE them now!)

The Philadelphia Zoo (*Movie*)

Our first trip of the season. We look forward to many more!

A Horse Built for TWO!

What a GREAT day for the ZOO!  We upgraded our membership so we can “ride the rides” now, and boy did we have fun!

p.s. We took the “swan” out for a spin, and good thing there wasn’t a movie of that adventure!  Ours wouldn’t steer at all!

“I’ll race you!”

It was funny to see them herding the TORTOISES back to their home!  The keepers start VERY early, as these guys are SLOOOOWWWWW for sure!  It’s kind of cute to see them “animated“ in their own turtle way!

Some People have Dogs…

I’ve never witnessed a tortoise acting this “personable” before!  He was downright adorable, as he followed his keeper toward his enclosure.

The Polar Bear (*Movie*)

Polar bears are the coolest!

The Wild Kitty

I love tigers!

The Dreadlocked Donkey

Isn’t this guy great!

He’s a Baudet de Poitou to be more specific.