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Halloween is Coming! (*Movie*)

Our local “Halloween” store had quite a collection!

Zoo Day! (*Movie*)

What a fabulous day for the ZOO!  No crowds & perfect weather!

We were even lucky enough to take a ride on the “zoo balloon,” which rarely goes up due to wind restrictions.

(Shot in HD on my new Panasonic Lumix DHC-ZS7 Point & Shoot)

To the Zoo (After School) *Movie*

It’s GREAT to live so close to the ZOO!
(I like how the kids think the animals RECOGNIZE them now!)

The Philadelphia Zoo (*Movie*)

Our first trip of the season. We look forward to many more!

Chanticleer in Springtime (2009) *Movie*

From our adventures last year. Shot on a tiny Kodak Zi6. Amazing little device!

The Polar Bear (*Movie*)

Polar bears are the coolest!

Spring Flowers (Longwood Gardens) *Movie*

It’s peak season for the TULIPS at Longwood Gardens! The colors were magnificent.

Aquarium (*Movie*)

This was our first visit to the Aquarium, and we timed it perfectly….we had the whole place to ourselves!