Yearly Archives: 2010


I LOVE to see a MOTHER in the shot!  Most of the time, I am the one “behind” the camera.

For those of you that are hesitant, just imagine how much your kids (and you) will appreciate this one day.

Those Eyes

A Beautiful Fall Day

Halloween is Coming! (*Movie*)

Our local “Halloween” store had quite a collection!

A Renaissance Wedding!

A COLORFUL celebration indeed!

A Renaissance Wedding (Part 2)

The Wedding Cake!

To the Playground

Zoo Day! (*Movie*)

What a fabulous day for the ZOO!  No crowds & perfect weather!

We were even lucky enough to take a ride on the “zoo balloon,” which rarely goes up due to wind restrictions.

(Shot in HD on my new Panasonic Lumix DHC-ZS7 Point & Shoot)

The Quote of the Day

“A good snapshot stops a moment from running away.”

~Eudora Welty