Monthly Archives: September 2011

Guess Who!

Halloween dress rehearsal!


Where’s Kitty?

The life of a pampered kitty.  (I think he knows how much we love him!)

Just Checking.

He wanted to make sure the kitty was really purring!  (He was.)


A Boy and his Cat

Kitty Close-up

How do I love thee…

Thank goodness this kitty is easy-going!  It’s tough having a four-year-old carry you around.

However, I think kitty can tell how much he’s loved!

What cats do best.

I love cats.  They do what they want, when they want.  (Stylishly, I may add!)



Kitty found a new spot to laze in the sun.  On a very narrow windowsill.

A moment later, he slipped off!  Luckily, he landed on his feet!